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Adams County 
Republican Party Constitution



It is our belief that the heart of our Republic lies within its individual citizens. It is the individuals’ right and duty to oppose government overreach, protect the rights of fellow citizens and become involved in preserving and promoting the rights we have been endowed with by our Creator and that are instilled within the Constitution of the United States of America. As citizens of Adams County Nebraska, we believe that an informed and involved citizenry is the best preservation of our Republic.



Name and Objectives


Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be the Adams County Nebraska Republican Party, herein referred to as the “Party”.


Section 2.  The objectives of the Party shall be to organize registered Republicans living in the county, to encourage involvement in the Party, encourage strong Conservative Republicans to run for office, and protect the laws and values provided under the Constitution of the United States. 





Section 1.  The membership of the Party shall be made of all registered Republicans living within the County who desire to work together to support the values and objectives of the County Party.


Section 2. Voting membership shall be open at all times to all registered Republicans residing in the county.


Article III



Section 1.  County Convention

  1.  There shall be a County Convention held in even numbered years between March 1 and April 10 at a time and place designated by the County Chair.  In the absence of a County Chair, the State Party shall be notified and they will assist in setting up the county convention.

  2. The County Party shall publish notice of the County Convention in the paper of record, a minimum of 7 days prior to the Convention.

  3. Individuals who are registered Republican voters who desire to vote in the County Convention shall register with the county election commission or county clerk as a delegate starting January 1 through the month of February in the year of the convention.

  4. The purpose of the County Convention shall be to elect the following County Officers:  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  The County Convention shall also elect the Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention as allocated by the state. The County Chair shall receive notice of the number of delegates allotted to the county from the State Central Committee at least 30 days before the County Convention is held.  Each County shall be entitled to a minimum of one delegate. The County Convention shall set the same order for Alternates to be called up as Delegates. Only delegates to the County Convention will be eligible to serve as state delegates – unless the county is unable to fill its delegation, in which case a registered Republican from the county may be nominated.       

  5. At the County Convention, the County Chair shall announce the order of business. A vote of 60% of the registered delegates shall be required to change the agenda.  The County Convention shall act on all business that comes before it in addition to elections.

  6. The delegates and alternates to the State Convention who are selected at the County Convention will serve as the County Central Committee. The Central Committee shall serve for 2 years until the next County Convention. The County Central Committee shall guide the county officers in administrating the policies, affairs and business of the county party.  The County Chair shall convene a meeting of the central committee at least 3 times per year.

  7. Delegates to the County Convention shall cast their vote personally.

  8. The County Party shall make the Convention results available to the state office.

  9. The county party shall not endorse any candidate in a contested race where two or more Republicans are seeking the same political office.

Section 2.  County Officers and Representatives

  1. The County Convention shall elect county officers at its biannual meeting.  In case of a vacancy a county meeting shall be called to elect persons to fill vacancies.

  2. The County Convention may, at its discretion, by a majority vote, authorize the County Chairman to appoint a Secretary and Treasurer.

  3. The County Chair is authorized to call additional meetings as they are warranted to keep the members informed and involved in county, district, state or national concerns.  Meetings may also be called by written request to the County Chair signed by a minimum of 20 registered Republicans residing in the County. 

  4. The County Chair shall establish contact with the State Central Committee (SCC) District Chair and the Congressional Chair Representative and is encouraged to work with other GOP leadership in the geographic area.

  5. The County Chair shall be the connection between the Nebraska Republican Party and the Republicans in the county.

  6. The County Chair shall create additional committees as needed and appoint or ask for volunteers for the assignment.

  7. The County Chair shall share information throughout their county concerning meetings, political events and opportunities of interest within and outside of the county.

  8. The duties and responsibilities shall be those normally designated to said offices. 

Section 3.  Eligibility and Duties of Chair and Delegates

  1.  When the SCC District consists of more than one county, the county chairs of each county shall select one Chair Representative from their number to attend SCC meetings.

  2. At the State Convention, all Delegates from the counties within the State Central Committee district shall meet at a designated time and elect from their number a Committeeman and a Committeewoman from the district.  These individuals shall fill the remaining seats of the District’s State Central Committee representatives.  In the event that the county is the sole county in the State Central Committee District, these representatives shall be elected during the even-year County Convention. 

  3. The State Central Committee Chair Representative and the Committeeman and Committee Woman shall serve for 2 years, until the next election.

  4. In the event that the Committeeman or Committeewoman or the Chair Representative is unable to attend a State Central Committee meeting, they shall work to fill the seat with a personal representative under the direction of the Chair Representative, as allowed in the State Constitution.



Affiliated Organizations of the County Party

Section 1.

The County Party acknowledges that it is subsidiary and subject to the terms and provisions of the constitution of the State Party. All affiliated organizations of the Republican Party in the county shall be subject to the direction and control of the County Party, and shall be organized, regulated and dissolved by resolution of the Executive Committee upon notice duly given to the chairman of such affiliated organization, after hearing in such form and manner as appropriate, and after approval by the County Central Committee.



Adoption and Amendments


Section 1.  Adoption

If no County Constitution exists or can be located within a reasonable amount of time, a new or replacement Constitution may be passed at a regularly called meeting under the following conditions:

1. The notice of the meeting announces that the County Constitution will be on the agenda.

2. A copy of the proposed Constitution is available to be read at least 10 days   prior to the meeting.

3. Sixty percent those present at the meeting vote in favor of the proposed Constitution.

4.  Upon passage the Constitution would be Adopted.


Section 2.  Amendments. 

This Constitution may be amended by a 65% majority of the County Convention registered delegates at a scheduled County Convention.  If the County Chair determines that an amendment is needed prior to the next County Convention, the proposed amendment must be delivered to the voting delegates before the convention.

The passage of amendments requires 65% of attending voters.


Signed on March 7, 2024



Deb Carlstrom                                                  Bobbi Buchholz

County Chairman                                            County Secretary

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